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Below all (former) countries are listed that are (were) affiliated to UEFA or existed as country before the formation of UEFA (in 1954). Countries in blue are accessible.

Albania   Albania


england   England


Liechtenstein   Liechtenstein


Saarland   Saarland †
Andorra   Andorra   Estonia   Estonia   Lithuania   Lithuania   San Marino   San Marino
Armenia   Armenia   Faroe Islands   Faroe Islands   Luxembourg   Luxembourg   Scotland   Scotland
Austria   Austria   Finland   Finland   Macedonia   Macedonia   Serbia   Serbia
Azerbaijan   Azerbaijan   France   France   Malta   Malta   Serbia & Montenegro   Serbia & Montenegro †
Belarus   Belarus   Georgia   Georgia   Moldova   Moldova   Slovakia   Slovakia
Belgium   Belgium   Germany   Germany   Montenegro   Montenegro   Slovenia   Slovenia
Bosnia & Herzegovina   Bosnia & Herzegovina   Gibraltar   Gibraltar   Netherlands   Netherlands   Spain   Spain
Bulgaria   Bulgaria   Greece   Greece   Northern Ireland   Northern Ireland   Sweden   Sweden
Croatia   Croatia   Hungary   Hungary   Norway   Norway   Switzerland   Switzerland
Cyprus   Cyprus   Iceland   Iceland   Poland   Poland   Turkey   Turkey
Czech Republic   Czech Republic   Israel   Israel   Portugal   Portugal   Ukraine   Ukraine
Czechoslovakia   Czechoslovakia †   Italy   Italy   Republic of Ireland   Republic of Ireland   USSR   USSR †
Denmark   Denmark   Kazakhstan   Kazakhstan   Romania   Romania   Wales   Wales
East Germany   East Germany †   Latvia   Latvia   Russia   Russia   Yugoslavia   Yugoslavia †
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