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Welcome to European Soccer Info (E.S.I.)


Welcome to my site about the History of European Football.

The history starts in 1863 when on October 26 the English Football Association, the first in the world, was founded in London. The first matches in this archive were played in November 1871, the first round of the oldest still existing Cup competition, the FA Cup. One year later, in November 1872, the first international match was played in Glasgow between Scotland and England (0-0). Up to the turn of the century, after England, League and Cup tournaments also arose in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. Before 1900 ten national football associations were established in Europe. After the English FA, Scotland (1873), Wales (1876), Ireland (1880), Denmark and Netherlands (1889), Belgium, Gibraltar and Switzerland (1895) and Italy (1898) followed. The European Football Association (UEFA) was founded no earlier than 1954.

The archive will be filled with results, final standings, statistics, records, and all clubs that have ever taken part in the League and Cup tournaments since 1871. It will take some time but I hope it will be a growing archive in the coming years for the enthusiast. Have fun with my site and the journey through the history of European football.

Raymond Traarbach


This archive is prepared and maintained by Raymond Traarbach.
Special thanks to Jan Buitenga for his contribution to the archive and for providing data of domestic cup finals.